Executive Summary:

Hall Construction Co. LLC has been in business since May 2005.  We are a small company that looks for opportunities to work with clients for the long term.  We know that the initial project is very important in learning the client’s needs and preferences.  We understand quality of workmanship. The schedule of project delivery and project costs are almost always equally important in each project.  We look for ways to keep the time on projects to a minimum and always strive to do our very best on each project. 

We begin with the estimate: We work hard to qualify subcontractors whom we trust and work well with.  We develop project schedules with each estimate to better understand the time and possible complications with each project.  We are very successful, being awarded a high percentage of the projects we estimate. 

We are a small company and can change our billings, project documentation, project delivery schedule, and management style to better fit the needs of our clients.  We like to know the needs of our clients in detail to better anticipate and deliver the type of project that is important to them. Each project will start with a preconstruction meeting where we will discuss the scope of the project, project schedule, and potential challenge of the construction process.  A project’s schedule is updated weekly and more often if the need arises.  We communicate in writing and keep daily reports on job information and progress.